Analysis of the First Four Minutes of Lost Season 6

Posted on 10:18 by Tom

Clearly, roughly the first two minutes are just the ending of the last season, where Juliet detonates the nuclear bomb on impact. After she has done this, the scene changes to flight 815 before it crashes, however, they have not just replayed that scene, and there are several differences between the new one and the original;
  • The characters all appear different, not majorly but their hair is different, etc.
  • The characters have different, although similar conversations before the plane experiences turbulence. For example, the scene where Cindy gives Jack the bottles of alcohol is still present, but it is slightly altered; she only gives him one bottle as opposed to two and they use different words.
  • The conversation between Rose and Jack is still present, but similarly to the previous conversation, the wording is different.
  • In the original, after Jack finishes his drink he packs it up when Charlie runs past him to the toilet to escape from the air stewardesses, however in the new version we do not see Charlie at all.
One could argue that all of these differences in the scenes are deliberate, so there must be some significance in their alteration. At the moment, we do not have enough information to determine what that significance is.

In the original version, after the conversation between Rose and Jack, Jack says "Don't worry, everything will be ok..." and he gets cut off as the plane suffers severe turbulence. This happens in the new version, however, incredibly, The turbulence eventually stops and the flight carries on. Jack then says something cheesy like "I guess we made it" and that concludes the first four minutes of Lost Season 6.

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Ruben Says....

Another significant difference between the last 2 minutes and how it originally happened: the first time around, Rose was the nervous one and Jack consoled her, telling her everything would be okay. This time, Jack was the one that looked freaked out, and Rose told him that her husband says 'planes wanna be in the air,' calming him a bit. The roles have been reversed!

Tom Says....

This is also true. The question is if this change is deliberate, what is the reason for it?

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