"Stolen" Lost Trailers. Are they the real deal?

Posted on 12:10 by Tom

Many so called "stolen" trailers for the forthcoming Lost Season 6 have been appearing all over youtube and other video-sharing networks. Some are clearly fake, some are blantant fakes, however, some are more clever and make use of extracts of other films where the cast of Lost make an appearance. Two trailers that caught my attention were the following two:

These clips do not make much, or even any sense, however unless it can be proven which films the clips are taken from, we could assume they are authentic.
However, you should not be so easy to accept that this is true. One fact against the authenticity of the clips are the fact that they are both relatively old, and if they were legit, more people would be viewing them and they would be getting more heat.
In addition, the channel of the owner of the clip does not look very legitimate, which further suggests that the clip is fabricated.
At this time, the only clips officially released by ABC have been promos that don't contain any unique footage, and it is unlikely that they would loose a clip that could be worth so much money so easily.

There are many of these clips floating around the internet, and although most are clearly fake, some are not. Be careful what you trust when you see it. Besides, it's not long now until the TV show will officially start; less than a month I believe. All will be revealed then, so we can wait.

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BrokenBoy Says....

the second one is a clip from Haunted an old series in which Matthew Fox plays an investigator who has a near-death experience and discovers the dead are trying to tell him something.

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