Michael Emerson (aka Ben Linus) on Lost Seaosn 6

Michael Emerson giving his views on Lost Season 6. May's series finale is going to be a real downer, predicts Michael Emerson. "I don't think Lost will have a happy ending," he confessed at the Saturn Awards. "It's the end and I think we are going to start seeing more casualties. I would put money on major characters being killed. I believe it will be a sad ending to the show -- or at least bittersweet. I think it will definitely be a series finale for grownups." Emerson, meanwhile, is still trying to make sense of the season 5 finale. (He's not alone!) "I killed Jacob... maybe... probably," he hedged. "It isn't like we haven't seen plenty of other people be killed and somehow come back. And what does it mean if I did kill him? I Who the hell was he anyway? Obviously, Ben wanted a father. So much of our show is about bad fathers. It is one of our biggest themes. And Jacob disappointed in those final moments. And maybe Jacob made it easy for him. Maybe that was all meant to happen. Is it all ordained? Maybe. And for that matter, can Jacob even be killed? Stay tuned is my response."
Sounds like Emerson has a pretty pessimistic view on Lost Season 6. What do you think will happen? Did Ben kill Jacob, or did Locke still the kill? Comment below with your theories!

Will Greg Grunberg (aka Seth Norris) be Returning to Lost Season 6?

Greg Grunberg (aka Seth Norris), the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, may be returning to Lost Season 6 after only a minor appearance in the first Season. Grunberg says that he has been approached by ABC, however when he asked what they were planning, “That’s literally where my call ended,” he says.

Norris didn’t survive the island, but as more of Lost’s characters who met the grim reaper are signing on to appear one last time, it would only be appropriate to bring back the man who flew them to the island in the first place. “If NBC will allow it,” Grunberg says. “I will go back.”

What do you think? Do you think Grunberg will be making an appearance in Lost Season 6? Comment with your ideas!

Another Lost Season 6 Poster + Analysis

Here is what I think we can learn from this poster:
The following characters will be in the show: Daniel, Boone, Miles, Michael, Ana-Lucia, Charlotte, Shannon, Desmond, Echo, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, John, Ben, Sayid, Lizzie, Sun, Jin, Claire, Hurley, Juliet, Charlie, Frank, Richard, Bernard and Rose.

Notice that Bernard and Rose look like they did at the end of Season 5 (Bernard has a beard and looks older, etc.)

Most of the cast from the first season are in the poster, with a few exceptions (Danielle, Alex, Walt etc.). None of the Others with the exceptions of Ben and Juliet are present in the poster.

John is wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he was being 'controlled' by Jacob's enemy at the end of Season 5.

Most importantly, a lot of the people in the poster are supposed to be dead, (Daniel, Boone, Charlotte, Shannon etc.), which does suggest that the plan to stop the crash from ever happening did work. However, opposed to this is the fact that a lot of the characters that were alive appear as they did at the end of the fifth season, which might suggest that the story is going to carry straight on from there.

What do you think? Which characters will be making an appearance in Lost Season 6? Comment below with your ideas!

New Lost Season 6 Set Pictures

Some pictures of the Lost set, however it is unsure if they are featured in Lost Season 6.

The Flame, with the Dharma Initiative logo

Back view of the Temple

Part of the beach camp, with wreckage and stuff.

Animal-skin lean-to, close to where Claire gave birth in season 1

Otherville, looking trashed
As mentioned before, it is unsure whether or not any of these sites will be used in Lost Season 6, however we can assume that at least one will.

Lost Season 6 Q&A Interview With Damon Lindelof

Here is the transcript of an interview of the questioning of Damon Lindelof about Lost Season 6

"Last week you sent me loads of questions for executive producer Damon Lindelof, and he was happy to answer them when we met up at the Austin Film Festival. Read on for Lindelof's thoughts on the last episode, returning characters, "the numbers" and so much more."

Me: At what point are you in creating the final episodes?

Lindelof: We're actually writing the eighth episode right now and breaking the story for the ninth episode. We're filming the sixth episode. The blueprint for the entire season is done, but we only write the episodes one at a time, because the actual genesis of the scene-by-scene work is the fun part. So we're almost exactly halfway through.

There's been so much analysis of the this year's promotional poster. Do you have a big part in creating that?

Yeah. Everything in the design of that poster is intentional. We oversaw it -- now we know the audience looks at that stuff so closely, so we don't want there to be anything that we don't approve, especially at this point in the game.

Why is neither Walt nor Vincent in the Season 6 promo picture?

Well, I'm not going to explain why anything is what it is, other than that everything is by design. You'll just have to watch the final season and decide for yourself. It's a little bit like, "Why is Paul McCartney holding a cigarette with his right hand when he's a lefty on the Abbey Road cover?"

Is the ending you envisioned when you first created the show still in place?

That's a great question. Yes, the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we'd always planned on it being, except we didn't know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly. But the ending itself? Whether people like it or not, that's the ending we've had.

To read the full article, visit here

Some Lost Season 6 Wallpapers

To get in the mood for Lost Season 6, here are some wallpapers. Feel free to download and use them:

Ian Somerhalder (aka Boone Carlyle) Will be returning to Lost Season 6

Lost's Ian Somerhalder (aka Boone Carlyle, sister of Shannon Carlyle) is confirmed to be returning to Lost Season 6

Somerhalder offered no other details, but this begs the question of exactly which other season-one characters will be returning to the island for Lost Season 6.
There is no indication as to whether Boone's sister Shannon will be playing a major role in Season 6 or if she will be making an appearance at all.
What do you think? Will Shannon be making an appearance in Lost Season 6? Comment with your thoughts!

Nestor Carbonell (aka Richard Alpert) Will be a series regular in Lost Season 6

Nestor Carbonell (aka Richard Alpert, also known as Ricardus) will be returning to Lost Season 6 as a series regular. Carbonell says:
"I'm moving my whole family to Hawaii next week, this whole time I've been flying back and forth, but now I'll be living on the island with the others. They tell me I'll be in 16 of the 18 episodes. Obviously Richard doesn't age, so I'm most curious to know how old he is and if he's in fact pulling the strings."
Up until now, Alpert has had an interesting, yet minor role in the TV series Lost. It will be interesting to learn more about him and how he himself came to the island.

Matthew Fox Video Interview Talking About the End of Lost and Lost Season 6

Good old Matthew Fox again, short talk about the ending of Lost and about Lost Season 6.

Will Michael Emerson (aka Ben Linus) be returning to Lost Season 6?

Will Ben Linus be returning in Lost Season 6, or will he be forgotten?

Michael Emerson himself has confirmed that he still has a major role in the sixth season. He says:
"My feeling is that Ben Linus will have a role to play in the next season, and I hope he survives until almost the end at least."

Emerson also commented on the end of Season 5 of lost. He says: Ben did have a moment of angry violence there in the finale. I was sort of proud of him for that. I mean, he's looked all these years for a proper father, hasn't he? And this guy Jacob says, 'What about you?' I would have stabbed him, too."

What do you think? Will Ben still be the leader of the Island? Or will he still be following the man posing as John Locke? Comment with your ideas!

Lost Season 6 Promos Comic Con 2009 Trailer

New promo trailer released, showing Hurley still as the owner of Mr. Cluck's Chicken and it sounds like the crash never happened. Then there is another commercial showing Oceanic Airlines boasting about there 100% safety record, once again suggesting that the crash never happened.

Lost Season 6 - Matthew Fox Q&A Video Interview Part 3

Good old Matthew Fox, giving away some spoilers and information on the forth-coming Lost Season 6.

Lost Season 6 - Matthew Fox Q&A Video Interview Part 2

Good old Matthew Fox, giving away some spoilers and information on the forth-coming Lost Season 6.

Part 3 to follow.

Lost Season 6 - Matthew Fox Q&A Video Interview Part 1

Good old Matthew Fox, giving away some spoilers and information on the forth-coming Lost Season 6.

Parts two and three to follow

Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie Pace) joins the cast of "FlashForward"

Dominic Monaghas's appearance in the new TV series "FlashForward" was confirmed at the end of the last episode where he is part of a telephone conversation between two people who claim to have caused the Blackout.

As to whether Dominic Monaghan will be making an appearance in Lost, it is unclear, however one could argue that it is unlikely since it looks like he has a significant role in FlashForward.

There was some speculation as to whether Dominic would be appearing in perhaps the first episode of the new series, however he would suffer from an overdose of heroin and die. However, this is all speculation and nothing is confirmed yet. What do you think? Is Charlie going to be a character in Lost Season 6, or will he be forgotten? Comment with your ideas!

Lost Season 6 - Official Trailer Released

The official trailer has been released for Lost Season 6 - Destiny Revealed
I guess we can infer from the name of the series that we will finally find out why the cast were brought to the island.

But who's eye is that at the end?
It certainly looks like Jack's...

Emilie de Ravin (aka Claire Littleton) will return as a full-time regular in Lost Season 6

Emile De Ravin (aka Claire Littleton) is confirmed to return as a series regular in Lost Season 6
It has been confirmed that Claire Littleton will be returning in Lost Season 6. But how?

Near the end of Season 4 she walks into the jungle in the middle of the night with the alleged ghost of her father Christian Shepard. Since she is returning, the reason why she left must be addressed. Since we have been led to believe that the detonation of the nuclear device would reset history, Claire may just return along with the rest of the cast since the crash never happened, and we may never learn why she left. What do you think? Why did she leave? Comment with your ideas!

Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Juliet Berk) Will not be a series regular in Lost Season 6

Elizabeth Mitchell Will Not be a Series Regular in Lost Season 6

It has been announced by ABC that Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the role of Juliet Berk in series 3-5 will not be a series regular.

However, this does not mean that Mitchell's Lost days are over. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it's entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way.

What do you think happened to Juliet? How did she survive a point blanc nuclear explosion? Will she be in Lost Season 6 at all? Comment below with your theories!

Lost Season 6 Schedule

Lost Season 6 will be the last Season of the hit ABC hit series Lost . It is scheduled to air on Feb-May 2010.
According to ABC Entertainment President, it is going to be a "highly anticipated and shocking finale."
At this current time, Matthew Fox (aka Jack Shepard) is the only character who knows how the show ends. For now.

List of Episodes so far:
Episode 1: LAX
Episode 2: LAX (2)
Episode 3: What Kate Does
Episode 4: The Substitute
Episode 5: Lighthouse
Episode 6: Sundown
Episode 7: Dr. Linus
Episode 8: Recon
Episode 9: Ab Aeterno
Episode 10: The Package
Episode 11: Happily Ever After
Episode 12: Everybody Loves Hugo