Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie Pace) joins the cast of "FlashForward"

Posted on 22:02 by Tom

Dominic Monaghas's appearance in the new TV series "FlashForward" was confirmed at the end of the last episode where he is part of a telephone conversation between two people who claim to have caused the Blackout.

As to whether Dominic Monaghan will be making an appearance in Lost, it is unclear, however one could argue that it is unlikely since it looks like he has a significant role in FlashForward.

There was some speculation as to whether Dominic would be appearing in perhaps the first episode of the new series, however he would suffer from an overdose of heroin and die. However, this is all speculation and nothing is confirmed yet. What do you think? Is Charlie going to be a character in Lost Season 6, or will he be forgotten? Comment with your ideas!

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