Michael Emerson (aka Ben Linus) on Lost Seaosn 6

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Michael Emerson giving his views on Lost Season 6. May's series finale is going to be a real downer, predicts Michael Emerson. "I don't think Lost will have a happy ending," he confessed at the Saturn Awards. "It's the end and I think we are going to start seeing more casualties. I would put money on major characters being killed. I believe it will be a sad ending to the show -- or at least bittersweet. I think it will definitely be a series finale for grownups." Emerson, meanwhile, is still trying to make sense of the season 5 finale. (He's not alone!) "I killed Jacob... maybe... probably," he hedged. "It isn't like we haven't seen plenty of other people be killed and somehow come back. And what does it mean if I did kill him? I Who the hell was he anyway? Obviously, Ben wanted a father. So much of our show is about bad fathers. It is one of our biggest themes. And Jacob disappointed in those final moments. And maybe Jacob made it easy for him. Maybe that was all meant to happen. Is it all ordained? Maybe. And for that matter, can Jacob even be killed? Stay tuned is my response."
Sounds like Emerson has a pretty pessimistic view on Lost Season 6. What do you think will happen? Did Ben kill Jacob, or did Locke still the kill? Comment below with your theories!

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