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Lost 'The Substitute' Easter Eggs - Lost Season 6

Understandably, the latest episode of Lost was packed full of easter eggs, some of which were more obscure than others. Here are some of the ones that stuck out the most:
  • When John is in the interview as shown on the right, you can see three posters. If you look carefully, the one on the left shows someone that looks like Juliet, with a family, the one in the middle shows two people that look like kate and saywer, and the one on the right shows someone that looks like Jack.
  • When Randy comes over to John to talk to him, if you look inside his cubicle as shown on the right, you can see a picture of a younger John Locke with his father hunting.
  • John's first interviewer when he's getting a new job is the physicic that Hurley's father took Hurley to see when he was trying to convince him that the curse could be broken
  • The episode is called 'The Substitute' and John becomes a substitute teacher
  • Eloise said that John's body would act as a substitute when they travelled back to the island in season 5, another reason for the chosen title.
  • The numbers assigned to the 815 survivors are all Hurley's lottery numbers; 4 8 15 etc.
  • The scale of the two rocks; one was dark and one was light, perhaps reflecting Jacob and his nemesis. When John throws away the light rock and the scale turns towards the dark rock, it may indicate that dark and evil is winning.

New 'The Lighthouse Scenes' - Lost Season 6 Episode 5

The following video reveals some interesting information on the next episode of Lost Season 6 - 'The Lighthouse'.

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More Un-answered Questions? - Lost Season 6

Everyone hoped that Lost Season 6 was going to answer all of those strange questions that have built up over the past 5 seasons. However, only 3 episodes in and we are more confused than ever:

  • The obvious question is, why are there two different stories running at the same time? We have the reality where flight 815 didn't crash, and the one continuing from where season 5 left off. At this time, the reason for this is completely unkown.

  • In the first episode, on the flight 815 that doesn't crash, Hurley says 'I'm the lucmiest person alive'. This contradicts the whole previous story that Hurley has nothing but bad luck. This would suggest that preventing the crash from happening has changed the character's life before the crash.

  • In episode 3, we see Ethan, one of the others at a hospital in LA. This is contary to the previous story, because we see Ethan at a time where the plane would have just crashed, and we know from previous seasons that at this time Ethan was on the Island (he was sent to pretend that he was a survivor of flight 815)

  • The story with Boone and Shannon has changed; in the origional flight both Boone and Shannon are on the plane returning to LA, however in episode 1 we see that Boone is alone, claiming that Shannon did not want to get out of the relationship.
Clearly, we are already knee-deep in more questions, and most of the un-answered questions from previous seasons haven't been answered either. Hopefully, the next few episodes should shed some light on the uncertain plot of the final Season of Lost.

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Sayid's Ressurection - Whats Going On? Lost Season 6

This time, it wasn't Jack's CPR that saved someone. Instead, Sayid miraculously came back to life after being dead for some time. One could argue that there are limited possibilities as to how this is possible: (Do not read this if you have not seen Episode 3 yet.)
The leader of the Others reveals that not only is Sayid 'infected', that it is possible that Sayid somehow has another person living inside of him. One could argue that the obvious candidate would be Jacob; John was resurrected as Jacob's rival, so it seems possible that Sayid may have been resurrected as Jacob himself. One could argue that Jacob living inside of Sayid is not possible, since the Others are convinced that whatever is living inside of Sayid

In the third episode, the leader of the Others argues that Sayid must take a poison pill in order to kill whatever is inside of him. He also claims that if he does not take the pill, the darkness will attack his heart. When Jack questions how he knows this, the Other replies that this is what happened to Jack's sister, aka Claire. Claire has pretty much completely exempt from the Lost story for a while, so it should be interesting to see how she fits in the new story.


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Lost Season 6 Character Wallpapers

What Kate Does Promo Videos - Lost Season 6 Episode 3

The Following three videos are currently the only promo videos for the forcoming third episode of Lost Season 6.


Lost Season 6 Episode 3 will broadcast on ABC on wednesday the 10th of February, and on Sky1 on friday the 12th of February.

John Locke as the Smoke Monster - Lost Season 6

As revealed in LA X (1), the new John Locke is apparently the smoke monster. The monster has made many appearances throughout the whole show, and a couple of these moments will now be analysed.

  • The second appearance of the monster, when three of the survivors visit the cockpit of the plane. The monster brutally kills the captain of Oceanic 815, Seth Norris. One could argue that it did this to lower the chances of the survivors from leaving the island; with  the captain, they may have been able to have been rescued earlier. The reason why it would not have wanted this is not clear.
  • The murder of Mr Echo.  One could argue that the monster chose to murder Echo because it was because of this that John managed to regain his faith, which would eventually lead to his death. If this had not happened, it may have been harder for the monster to shape-shift into John Locke's body.

Richard & John Lock Confrontation - Lost Season 6

Near the end of LA X (2), the new John Locke confronts Richard and the others. In this short dialogue we learn some facts that are vital to the story so far:

  • Richard fears this man. This is shown when he demands that nobody shoots him, and the terrified look on his face when he realises who John really is. For a man who allegedly cannot die, this fear is significant.
  • The two people have met before. This is shown when Richard recognises who the new John really is.
  • John says to Richard :'It's good to see you out of those chains'. This would suggest that some time in the past, Richard may have been a prisoner, perhaps to this man.
  • John says to the others 'I am very disappointed, in all of you'. This may suggest that in the past, this man may have been the leader of the others, as opposed to Jacob.

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