More Un-answered Questions? - Lost Season 6

Posted on 10:10 by Tom

Everyone hoped that Lost Season 6 was going to answer all of those strange questions that have built up over the past 5 seasons. However, only 3 episodes in and we are more confused than ever:

  • The obvious question is, why are there two different stories running at the same time? We have the reality where flight 815 didn't crash, and the one continuing from where season 5 left off. At this time, the reason for this is completely unkown.

  • In the first episode, on the flight 815 that doesn't crash, Hurley says 'I'm the lucmiest person alive'. This contradicts the whole previous story that Hurley has nothing but bad luck. This would suggest that preventing the crash from happening has changed the character's life before the crash.

  • In episode 3, we see Ethan, one of the others at a hospital in LA. This is contary to the previous story, because we see Ethan at a time where the plane would have just crashed, and we know from previous seasons that at this time Ethan was on the Island (he was sent to pretend that he was a survivor of flight 815)

  • The story with Boone and Shannon has changed; in the origional flight both Boone and Shannon are on the plane returning to LA, however in episode 1 we see that Boone is alone, claiming that Shannon did not want to get out of the relationship.
Clearly, we are already knee-deep in more questions, and most of the un-answered questions from previous seasons haven't been answered either. Hopefully, the next few episodes should shed some light on the uncertain plot of the final Season of Lost.

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