Richard & John Lock Confrontation - Lost Season 6

Posted on 17:05 by Tom

Near the end of LA X (2), the new John Locke confronts Richard and the others. In this short dialogue we learn some facts that are vital to the story so far:

  • Richard fears this man. This is shown when he demands that nobody shoots him, and the terrified look on his face when he realises who John really is. For a man who allegedly cannot die, this fear is significant.
  • The two people have met before. This is shown when Richard recognises who the new John really is.
  • John says to Richard :'It's good to see you out of those chains'. This would suggest that some time in the past, Richard may have been a prisoner, perhaps to this man.
  • John says to the others 'I am very disappointed, in all of you'. This may suggest that in the past, this man may have been the leader of the others, as opposed to Jacob.

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