John Locke as the Smoke Monster - Lost Season 6

Posted on 17:23 by Tom

As revealed in LA X (1), the new John Locke is apparently the smoke monster. The monster has made many appearances throughout the whole show, and a couple of these moments will now be analysed.

  • The second appearance of the monster, when three of the survivors visit the cockpit of the plane. The monster brutally kills the captain of Oceanic 815, Seth Norris. One could argue that it did this to lower the chances of the survivors from leaving the island; with  the captain, they may have been able to have been rescued earlier. The reason why it would not have wanted this is not clear.
  • The murder of Mr Echo.  One could argue that the monster chose to murder Echo because it was because of this that John managed to regain his faith, which would eventually lead to his death. If this had not happened, it may have been harder for the monster to shape-shift into John Locke's body.

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