Lost 'The Substitute' Easter Eggs - Lost Season 6

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Understandably, the latest episode of Lost was packed full of easter eggs, some of which were more obscure than others. Here are some of the ones that stuck out the most:
  • When John is in the interview as shown on the right, you can see three posters. If you look carefully, the one on the left shows someone that looks like Juliet, with a family, the one in the middle shows two people that look like kate and saywer, and the one on the right shows someone that looks like Jack.
  • When Randy comes over to John to talk to him, if you look inside his cubicle as shown on the right, you can see a picture of a younger John Locke with his father hunting.
  • John's first interviewer when he's getting a new job is the physicic that Hurley's father took Hurley to see when he was trying to convince him that the curse could be broken
  • The episode is called 'The Substitute' and John becomes a substitute teacher
  • Eloise said that John's body would act as a substitute when they travelled back to the island in season 5, another reason for the chosen title.
  • The numbers assigned to the 815 survivors are all Hurley's lottery numbers; 4 8 15 etc.
  • The scale of the two rocks; one was dark and one was light, perhaps reflecting Jacob and his nemesis. When John throws away the light rock and the scale turns towards the dark rock, it may indicate that dark and evil is winning.

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