Sayid's Ressurection - Whats Going On? Lost Season 6

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This time, it wasn't Jack's CPR that saved someone. Instead, Sayid miraculously came back to life after being dead for some time. One could argue that there are limited possibilities as to how this is possible: (Do not read this if you have not seen Episode 3 yet.)
The leader of the Others reveals that not only is Sayid 'infected', that it is possible that Sayid somehow has another person living inside of him. One could argue that the obvious candidate would be Jacob; John was resurrected as Jacob's rival, so it seems possible that Sayid may have been resurrected as Jacob himself. One could argue that Jacob living inside of Sayid is not possible, since the Others are convinced that whatever is living inside of Sayid

In the third episode, the leader of the Others argues that Sayid must take a poison pill in order to kill whatever is inside of him. He also claims that if he does not take the pill, the darkness will attack his heart. When Jack questions how he knows this, the Other replies that this is what happened to Jack's sister, aka Claire. Claire has pretty much completely exempt from the Lost story for a while, so it should be interesting to see how she fits in the new story.


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