Where you satisfied with the Lost Season 6 Finale?

The point of this post is to determine whether you, the lost fan community, were happy with the Lost Season 6 Finale. Numerous critics have suggested that the finale was poor due to the fact that there were numerous plot-holes that were not fully explained in addition to the fact that many of the main characters appeared to have died rather suddenly. I personally believe that the ending was amazing and that it couldn't have been any better, and that there was no major flaws in the plot of the series as a whole. Please leave a comment stating whether or not you were disappointed with the finale, and why.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Easter Eggs

  • The blanket used for the picnic with Hurley in the sideways world looked to be the exact same one Libby was holding when she was shot. Same color, same texture. 
  • Hurley's blind date was called 'Rosalita', and instead Libby came over, who came from the Santa Rosa Hospital.
  • The wounds that you can see at the end of the episode when he was hit by Desmond were similar to those that he received when he was almost killed by his father
  • The leader of the Dharma Iniceitive, who was leading the tribute to Hurley, looked the same age as he did in the 1970's when the Dharma were still around
  • The name that Desmond made up for his fake child was Charlie, which is what he called his son in the alternate reality where the plane crashed.
  • Eloise is at the tribute to Hurley (see image)

Watch Lost Seson 6 Episode 12

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Lost Season 6 Episode 12 - Everybody Loves Hugo Promo


Lost Season 6 Episode 11 - Easter Eggs

  • Minkowski as the chauffeur - He was the man who answered Jack's call at the end of Season 3 when the survivors tried to leave the island
  • Jacob’s scale in the painting in Widmore’s office
  • McCutchen Scotch - This is refferenced in an earlier episode in Season 3 when Desmond has an interview with Whitmor.
  • The marina (Desmond & Penny’s picture)
  • A white rabbit - One of the first episodes was entitled White Rabbit
  • Charlie’s vision of Claire
  • “Not Penny’s Boat” - Obviously occured at the end of Season 3
  • “You All Everybody” on the radio
  • “What happened, happened” - The title of one of the earlier episodes
  • Penny jogging in stadium instead of Jack - First episode of the second episode where Jack jogs after he performs surgery on his patient - future wife.


Lost Season 6 - Faraday's Journal

It's been pretty much explained in this episode that the H-bomb/Incident caused the divergence of realities. So, Eloise shot Daniel and got his journal, learned about the "future", except in this timeline the Island sank. There's no need to force Daniel to be a mathematician, so she encourages his piano skills. The book told them that Desmond Hume was special, that he would be Daniel's Constant should anything go wrong. That's probably why Widmore gave him a perfect life, but without any attachments. Should he be needed, he'll have nothing holding him to this world but his service to Charles.
I don't think Eloise is connected to both sides like Desmond, Daniel or Charlie. She's connected because of the journal. This theory is by no means for certain, however, there is some logic behind it. Later episodes may offer further explanation into this topic.


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We're In Hell - The Truth? - Lost Season 6

I think it is quite obvious that they aren't in hell. In fact those were the first words out of my mouth at the first commercial. I have quite a few reasons to back it up
-It surely would seem like hell to the MiB, and Jacob would surely seem like the devil. He took his body and is holding him on an island against his will.
-It would also seem like hell to Richard after a while, and the MiB did a fairly good job of manipulating him into believing it was. He told Jack & crew that it was out of anger and frustration. By the end he seemed convinced again that he does have a greater purpose on the island.
-Jacob gave a very good explanation of why they are all on the island, because he wants to show the MiB that people can atone for their sins and change.

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Is Dogen Really Dead? - Lost Season 6

At a quick glance, it appears that Dogen has been killed at the hands of Sayid. However, there are several questions that have risen from this action.
For one, in the previous episode 'The Lighthouse' It appears that Jacob is pouring something into the water. If you look at the picture, it appears that he is pouring some kind of ash into the water. One could argue that this may be some kind of substance that is used to 'purify' the water, meaning that Dogen and the interpreter may come back to life.
In addition being that Dogen was drowned in the water similar to how Sayid was, one can logically conclude it might result in a similar outcome to Sayid's case.
None of this is certain however, and it may be possible that Dogen is truly dead. We will have to wait for the next episodes to be released to know for certain.

Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 6

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Jack's Scar - What does it Mean? - Lost Season 6 Episode 5

In the latest episode 'The Lighthouse' the Jack which is living in the timeline where flight 815 didn't crash finds that he had his appendix taken out when he was very young, although he does not remember this.

This scene gave me the impression that there is some sort of bleeding effect between the two timelines. It seems that that scar should not be there but has somehow bled from the old timeline into this new one. And the timeline has a way of course correcting itself with Jack's Mother claiming that he had it as a child, and Jack sort of remembering the incident.

Sundown Promo Trailers - Lost Season 6 Episode 6

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Lost 'The Substitute' Easter Eggs - Lost Season 6

Understandably, the latest episode of Lost was packed full of easter eggs, some of which were more obscure than others. Here are some of the ones that stuck out the most:
  • When John is in the interview as shown on the right, you can see three posters. If you look carefully, the one on the left shows someone that looks like Juliet, with a family, the one in the middle shows two people that look like kate and saywer, and the one on the right shows someone that looks like Jack.
  • When Randy comes over to John to talk to him, if you look inside his cubicle as shown on the right, you can see a picture of a younger John Locke with his father hunting.
  • John's first interviewer when he's getting a new job is the physicic that Hurley's father took Hurley to see when he was trying to convince him that the curse could be broken
  • The episode is called 'The Substitute' and John becomes a substitute teacher
  • Eloise said that John's body would act as a substitute when they travelled back to the island in season 5, another reason for the chosen title.
  • The numbers assigned to the 815 survivors are all Hurley's lottery numbers; 4 8 15 etc.
  • The scale of the two rocks; one was dark and one was light, perhaps reflecting Jacob and his nemesis. When John throws away the light rock and the scale turns towards the dark rock, it may indicate that dark and evil is winning.

New 'The Lighthouse Scenes' - Lost Season 6 Episode 5

The following video reveals some interesting information on the next episode of Lost Season 6 - 'The Lighthouse'.

The Lighthouse Promo Trailers - Lost Season 6 Episode 5

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More Un-answered Questions? - Lost Season 6

Everyone hoped that Lost Season 6 was going to answer all of those strange questions that have built up over the past 5 seasons. However, only 3 episodes in and we are more confused than ever:

  • The obvious question is, why are there two different stories running at the same time? We have the reality where flight 815 didn't crash, and the one continuing from where season 5 left off. At this time, the reason for this is completely unkown.

  • In the first episode, on the flight 815 that doesn't crash, Hurley says 'I'm the lucmiest person alive'. This contradicts the whole previous story that Hurley has nothing but bad luck. This would suggest that preventing the crash from happening has changed the character's life before the crash.

  • In episode 3, we see Ethan, one of the others at a hospital in LA. This is contary to the previous story, because we see Ethan at a time where the plane would have just crashed, and we know from previous seasons that at this time Ethan was on the Island (he was sent to pretend that he was a survivor of flight 815)

  • The story with Boone and Shannon has changed; in the origional flight both Boone and Shannon are on the plane returning to LA, however in episode 1 we see that Boone is alone, claiming that Shannon did not want to get out of the relationship.
Clearly, we are already knee-deep in more questions, and most of the un-answered questions from previous seasons haven't been answered either. Hopefully, the next few episodes should shed some light on the uncertain plot of the final Season of Lost.

New 'The Substitute' Promo Trailers - Lost Season 6

Sayid's Ressurection - Whats Going On? Lost Season 6

This time, it wasn't Jack's CPR that saved someone. Instead, Sayid miraculously came back to life after being dead for some time. One could argue that there are limited possibilities as to how this is possible: (Do not read this if you have not seen Episode 3 yet.)
The leader of the Others reveals that not only is Sayid 'infected', that it is possible that Sayid somehow has another person living inside of him. One could argue that the obvious candidate would be Jacob; John was resurrected as Jacob's rival, so it seems possible that Sayid may have been resurrected as Jacob himself. One could argue that Jacob living inside of Sayid is not possible, since the Others are convinced that whatever is living inside of Sayid

In the third episode, the leader of the Others argues that Sayid must take a poison pill in order to kill whatever is inside of him. He also claims that if he does not take the pill, the darkness will attack his heart. When Jack questions how he knows this, the Other replies that this is what happened to Jack's sister, aka Claire. Claire has pretty much completely exempt from the Lost story for a while, so it should be interesting to see how she fits in the new story.


The Substitute Promo Trailer - Lost Season 6 Episode 4

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Lost Season 6 Character Wallpapers

What Kate Does Promo Videos - Lost Season 6 Episode 3

The Following three videos are currently the only promo videos for the forcoming third episode of Lost Season 6.


Lost Season 6 Episode 3 will broadcast on ABC on wednesday the 10th of February, and on Sky1 on friday the 12th of February.

John Locke as the Smoke Monster - Lost Season 6

As revealed in LA X (1), the new John Locke is apparently the smoke monster. The monster has made many appearances throughout the whole show, and a couple of these moments will now be analysed.

  • The second appearance of the monster, when three of the survivors visit the cockpit of the plane. The monster brutally kills the captain of Oceanic 815, Seth Norris. One could argue that it did this to lower the chances of the survivors from leaving the island; with  the captain, they may have been able to have been rescued earlier. The reason why it would not have wanted this is not clear.
  • The murder of Mr Echo.  One could argue that the monster chose to murder Echo because it was because of this that John managed to regain his faith, which would eventually lead to his death. If this had not happened, it may have been harder for the monster to shape-shift into John Locke's body.

Richard & John Lock Confrontation - Lost Season 6

Near the end of LA X (2), the new John Locke confronts Richard and the others. In this short dialogue we learn some facts that are vital to the story so far:

  • Richard fears this man. This is shown when he demands that nobody shoots him, and the terrified look on his face when he realises who John really is. For a man who allegedly cannot die, this fear is significant.
  • The two people have met before. This is shown when Richard recognises who the new John really is.
  • John says to Richard :'It's good to see you out of those chains'. This would suggest that some time in the past, Richard may have been a prisoner, perhaps to this man.
  • John says to the others 'I am very disappointed, in all of you'. This may suggest that in the past, this man may have been the leader of the others, as opposed to Jacob.

Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 2

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Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 1

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Analysis of the First Four Minutes of Lost Season 6

Clearly, roughly the first two minutes are just the ending of the last season, where Juliet detonates the nuclear bomb on impact. After she has done this, the scene changes to flight 815 before it crashes, however, they have not just replayed that scene, and there are several differences between the new one and the original;
  • The characters all appear different, not majorly but their hair is different, etc.
  • The characters have different, although similar conversations before the plane experiences turbulence. For example, the scene where Cindy gives Jack the bottles of alcohol is still present, but it is slightly altered; she only gives him one bottle as opposed to two and they use different words.
  • The conversation between Rose and Jack is still present, but similarly to the previous conversation, the wording is different.
  • In the original, after Jack finishes his drink he packs it up when Charlie runs past him to the toilet to escape from the air stewardesses, however in the new version we do not see Charlie at all.
One could argue that all of these differences in the scenes are deliberate, so there must be some significance in their alteration. At the moment, we do not have enough information to determine what that significance is.

In the original version, after the conversation between Rose and Jack, Jack says "Don't worry, everything will be ok..." and he gets cut off as the plane suffers severe turbulence. This happens in the new version, however, incredibly, The turbulence eventually stops and the flight carries on. Jack then says something cheesy like "I guess we made it" and that concludes the first four minutes of Lost Season 6.

First Four Minutes of Lost Season 6 Leaked! Watch Here!

Not long ago ABC invited 815 lucky winners to come and watch the first four minutes of the forthcoming Lost Season 6. They have been leaked and are avaliable to view on the internet. You can watch it below:

Only 13 Days Until the first Airing of Lost Season 6

Questions will be answered as the world’s most talked about TV show arrives for its sixth and final season. It's been six years since ventured through the looking glass and gleefully entered Lost’s masterfully woven web. Now we prepare to be thrilled and saddened as the TV phenomenon enters its climactic final chapter.

Season 5 of Lost left us hanging as Juliet detonated the bomb and potentially changed the islanders’ fate. Ben killed Jacob at the request of a resurrected Locke and we were introduced to the enigmatic ‘man in black’.

Meanwhile, mysteries from series past are begging to be resolved, including the strange set of numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), the four-toed statue and, of course, the smoke monster. Not to mention the overarching questions that surround the series as a whole: what exactly is the island? And why were Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and the rest of the castaways ‘selected’ in the first place?

In keeping with time-honoured tradition, series
creators JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are remaining tight-lipped. When asked about Lost’s ending, Lindelof sits teasingly on the fence: “Some people will think it’s enormously satisfying. Other people will think it’s not satisfying enough. It all depends on the way that you watch the show” (USA Today). Viewers will be tantalised to discover that a few familiar faces will be returning, namely Emilie de Ravin’s Claire, who vanished without a trace in season four, and Dominic Monaghan’s Charlie and Ian Somerhalder’s Boone, both of whom we apparently saw die in seasons four and two, respectively. All will be revealed as Lost makes its final voyage.

Expect the unexpected.

Straight From Sky's Website 

Some New Lost Season 6 Trailers / Interviews

Some more trailers and interviews that have now been released by ABC. The new promotional trailer caught my attention particularly. If you watch the trailer right until the end you will note that there is a small   clip on a plane that was not taken from previous episodes. The interview is Matthew Fox discussing how he believes the final season will be 'Epic'.

New ABC Promo Lost Seas 6 Photos

Clearly it's a rather, strange photo, and it seems to show the cast of the TV show at a table on the Island. One could percieve that this may be a methaphor for the Last Supper story, with John Locke in the centre as the character of Jesus. This is all theoretical; the fact that the characters are arranged similarly to that of the Last Supper may be purely coincidental. In the photos we can see all of the following characters; (from the left) Illana, Richard, Claire, Saed, Kate, Saywer, John, Jack, Jin, Ben, Hurley, Sun, Hurley, Frank. We can assume that these will be the characters included in the new series.

"Stolen" Lost Trailers. Are they the real deal?

Many so called "stolen" trailers for the forthcoming Lost Season 6 have been appearing all over youtube and other video-sharing networks. Some are clearly fake, some are blantant fakes, however, some are more clever and make use of extracts of other films where the cast of Lost make an appearance. Two trailers that caught my attention were the following two:

These clips do not make much, or even any sense, however unless it can be proven which films the clips are taken from, we could assume they are authentic.
However, you should not be so easy to accept that this is true. One fact against the authenticity of the clips are the fact that they are both relatively old, and if they were legit, more people would be viewing them and they would be getting more heat.
In addition, the channel of the owner of the clip does not look very legitimate, which further suggests that the clip is fabricated.
At this time, the only clips officially released by ABC have been promos that don't contain any unique footage, and it is unlikely that they would loose a clip that could be worth so much money so easily.

There are many of these clips floating around the internet, and although most are clearly fake, some are not. Be careful what you trust when you see it. Besides, it's not long now until the TV show will officially start; less than a month I believe. All will be revealed then, so we can wait.

Another Lost Season 6 Poster?

Another Lost Season 6 Poster has been released, although it is very similar to previous ones which you can find in earlier posts:

Lost - Connecting the dots

Lost may be set on an Island isolated from time, space and the laws of common physics, but there is no single piece within this puzzle-story that exists in isolation. Everything, everyone, is connected to something, someone, else. By now we’re familiar with these connections. We’re old hands now at the Where’s Waldo game of looking for them in episodes, but back in Season One we were just starting to deke them out. Sometimes it’s a name, or a book title, or an object in the background that cues our attention. It’s anyone’s guess whether or not these hidden trinkets, these Easter Eggs, are anything more than bonus prizes for the super obsessed, but either way, we wouldn’t be half as LOST without them.
"This was also the first time we put an ‘Easter egg’ into the show – Hurley on the tv in Korea – and we thought maybe two or three people would catch it. But our audience is so dialed into detail, it didn’t get past them. – Damon Lindelof, TV Guide, May 29, 2005"
If Damon ever doubted the OCD level of apophenia in this fandom, he shouldn’t have.
We didn’t just notice the connection between Hurley’s lottery win and the Korean Secretary for Environmental Safety’s living room, where Jin had come to deliver a beat-o-gram courtesy of Mr. Paik.
Some of us even noticed that Locke’s long lost mom had once been a patient in Hurley’s institutional home sweet home.
Some of us may have caught the throwaway connection made when Hurley’s financial advisor informed him that he had just bought a box factory in Tustin, CA, the same town where the box factory regional manager Locke had been sentenced to his cubicle gulag.
But there was no way for us to connect the body that flew by during their conversation in the California high rise …
… with the Californian named John Locke, whose paralyzing eight-story fall we wouldn’t even learn about until two years later.
Now that we have the luxury of hindsight, the connections run as deep as a viewer has the energy to pursue them. We might have expected that we’d someday see the corpse of the drug smuggling Nigerian priests made flesh,
and we did
but we could never have imagined the half of it.
We had no way of knowing back then that when Boone made joyous radio contact with another human voice,
the man on the other end of the line, identifying himself as a “survivor of Oceanic Flight 815″, was none other than Bernard Nadler, DDS.
Why was Locke temporarily lame during Boone’s climb up the terrifying tree-root cliff?
We may have thought it was because he’d been wounded by the metal shard from the trebuchet, but now we have to wonder if he wasn’t sort of existentially lamed by Ethan’s gunshot during his future journey to the past, in order to prevent him from being the one to climb the tree roots and die.
He wasn’t the sacrifice the Island was demanding just yet. It’s like Ethan was there to make sure Locke didn’t jump ahead in line and steal Boone’s ticket to the death lottery.

Origional Source here On the Lost Blog
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