Lost Season 6 Episode 11 - Easter Eggs

Posted on 20:11 by Tom

  • Minkowski as the chauffeur - He was the man who answered Jack's call at the end of Season 3 when the survivors tried to leave the island
  • Jacob’s scale in the painting in Widmore’s office
  • McCutchen Scotch - This is refferenced in an earlier episode in Season 3 when Desmond has an interview with Whitmor.
  • The marina (Desmond & Penny’s picture)
  • A white rabbit - One of the first episodes was entitled White Rabbit
  • Charlie’s vision of Claire
  • “Not Penny’s Boat” - Obviously occured at the end of Season 3
  • “You All Everybody” on the radio
  • “What happened, happened” - The title of one of the earlier episodes
  • Penny jogging in stadium instead of Jack - First episode of the second episode where Jack jogs after he performs surgery on his patient - future wife.


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