Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Easter Eggs

Posted on 11:06 by Tom

  • The blanket used for the picnic with Hurley in the sideways world looked to be the exact same one Libby was holding when she was shot. Same color, same texture. 
  • Hurley's blind date was called 'Rosalita', and instead Libby came over, who came from the Santa Rosa Hospital.
  • The wounds that you can see at the end of the episode when he was hit by Desmond were similar to those that he received when he was almost killed by his father
  • The leader of the Dharma Iniceitive, who was leading the tribute to Hurley, looked the same age as he did in the 1970's when the Dharma were still around
  • The name that Desmond made up for his fake child was Charlie, which is what he called his son in the alternate reality where the plane crashed.
  • Eloise is at the tribute to Hurley (see image)

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