Lost Season 6 Schedule

Posted on 20:22 by Tom

Lost Season 6 will be the last Season of the hit ABC hit series Lost . It is scheduled to air on Feb-May 2010.
According to ABC Entertainment President, it is going to be a "highly anticipated and shocking finale."
At this current time, Matthew Fox (aka Jack Shepard) is the only character who knows how the show ends. For now.

List of Episodes so far:
Episode 1: LAX
Episode 2: LAX (2)
Episode 3: What Kate Does
Episode 4: The Substitute
Episode 5: Lighthouse
Episode 6: Sundown
Episode 7: Dr. Linus
Episode 8: Recon
Episode 9: Ab Aeterno
Episode 10: The Package
Episode 11: Happily Ever After
Episode 12: Everybody Loves Hugo

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